Commissioning a Painting

When designing a painting, I develop the image from photographs which I layer and edit in Photoshop. For a commissioned painting, I send images of the proposed design to the collector by email. I do consider imagery that is provided by the collector. Once we agree on a design, I will finalize the price. To get an idea of my prices, please view the original paintings on this website.

When the design and price are agreed upon, I will collect a non-refundable fee of 20% of the price. Depending on prior obligations, there might be a delay of several months before I will be able to begin painting.

When I make the commissioned painting, I send photographs of the work-in-progress to the collector by email. Sometimes I do time-lapse video as the painting develops. I will get input from the collector in all phases of the painting process.

When the paintings are done, I will ask for the balance of payment. My policy is that if you are not thrilled with the painting then you don’t have to acquire it. The only exception would be if the design is personalized in some way. I want my collectors to be very happy.

Note about the copyright: When a collector purchases an original painting from any artist at a gallery or otherwise, 99% of the time the price does not include the copyright for the image. Legally I can, and often I will make and sell reproductions of commissioned paintings. If you wish to obtain the copyright of the commissioned painting, let me know, and I will be glad to adjust the price of the painting to include the copyright.

Thank you so much for considering a commissioned painting. I look forward to hearing your ideas.