There is a quiet, profound beauty in the colors and patterns of the Texas Great Plains landscape.

This land that is imprinted on my soul and whose majesty is in its openness, expansive vistas, and bounty is the subject of my paintings.

I am inspired by the challenge of creating strong compositions out of the extreme horizontals and want to invite the viewer into that big open space – a place to explore, escape to, find rest or seek affirmation.

I paint the beauty of the land and sky because it reflects the character of God to bring hope, renewal and redemption to us. These paintings are my homage to Him.

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With paintings by Laura Lewis and stories by Christina Mulkey, this book is a celebration of the land and the people of the Great Plains of Texas. It is now available to purchase.

Reproductions on Canvas

Many of Laura’s paintings are available as reproductions on canvas.

Explore the images of west Texas which she has painted over the past twenty years.


Original paintings, reproductions and prints that are now available.